Registration fee

The registration fee costs EUR 47,50 and is valid for an unlimited period. Everyone who wants to rent a room with Kamerbemideling Tilburg needs to be registered.

Fine for late payment

The rent needs to be paid before the first of the coming month. This means that you always pay in advance, However when your payment is late, we will charge you a fine of € 20,00 when you payment isn't received by the 15th of the month, the fine will be increased till EUR 40,00 (this is the legal collection in fee in Dutch law)

Forgotten or lost keys

Of course it is very inconvenient when you loose or foget your keys. But your keys costs money, therefore we are charged to charge you the following in such case:

  • Certified key EUR 85,00
  • Normal key EUR 12,50

When an employee of Kamerbemiddeling Tilburg needs to bring a key or unlock a door, we will charge EUR 50,00

Payment at the office

  • Cash payment EUR 10,00
  • Credit card (or foreign debit card) payment +4% 
  • Pin payment (Dutch debit card): free of charge