Kamerbemiddeling Tilburg is a letting agency, set up on 14 April 2000, that specializes in student rooms, studios, apartments and garage lock-ups in Tilburg. Due to a continual increase in new student housing, Kamerbemiddeling Tilburg is now the largest manager of student accommodation in Tilburg.
Why choose Kamerbemiddeling Tilburg as your housing company? These are the advantages lined up:

After signing up via our website yo can start the search for your new room right away.
Your registration is valid for an unlimited period.
It's is possible to view more than one room during an appointment
No waiting lists or interview nights, you have the possibility to rent a room immediately.
Fixed & cheap prices for registration and mediation.
Big online offer of student rooms in Tilburg
With Kamerbemiddeling Tilburg it is possible to reserve your room online. Which is very useful for International students.