Frequently asked questions

Kamerbemiddeling Tilburg often receives a lot of questions concerning new tenancy agreements. To answer the most common questions, we made this FAQ-page. Is your question not answered on this page? Then please send us an e-mail on

We try our best to answer those questions as soon as possible. However, it might take some time for us to clarify matters and thus to answer your message. Please have some patience,  sending another e-mail or calling us referring to your message does not expedite us answering your question.

I booked a room online, how can I collect my keys?

You can pick up your keys from the starting date of your contract, but only after you have signed your tenancy agreement and you have paid the first invoice. Please take your identity card or passport with you. Of course, it is also possible to pay the invoice at our office while picking up your keys. In case you paid the invoice at home, please take a proof of payment with you, as we might ask for it.

It is only possible to pick up your keys at our office during our opening times. The office is situated in Berkdijksestraat 83, 5025 VD Tilburg and is opened Monday to Friday 13:00 hrs/17:00 hrs. During the registration days at Tilburg University our office is opened untill 19:30h. Please also check our website / facebook page for extended opening hours during summer.

How can I pay my rent?

The first invoice
As mentioned on the invoice, the amount to pay is due before the start date of the agreement and should be paid to: NL86INGB0008521571 t.n.v. Kamerbemiddeling Tilburg B.V. Of course it is also possible to pay this invoice at our office. Please keep in mind that we charge a fee of EUR 10,00 for cash payments and that we charge a 4% transaction fee for all international bank cards and credit cards.The deposit mentioned in your contract and on the first invoice should always be paid as a whole, and thus cannot be paid in parts. No exceptions can be made on this rule.

Regular rent payments
It is important that you pay the rent before the 1st of the month. That means that you should always pay in advance, please keep in mind that transaction can take a few days to process. When the rent is not received in time, we will charge you a fine of EUR 20,00. When the amount hasn’t been received after 14 days, the fine is replaced with legal collection fees (15% of the amount due, with a minimum of EUR 40,00). When in spite of the previous reminder you still fail to pay the outstanding amount, we are forced to hand over your file to a legal bailiff, this will entail high legal costs and may have negative consequences for your financial status.

You can pay the rent in different ways. The cheapest and easiest way is to open a Dutch bank account and make monthly transfers. Of course it also possible to pay the rent online via Ideal. As mentioned before, we also accept cash, international bank cards and credit cards, but then the abovementioned transaction fees will be calculated.

What is the difference between a furnished and an unfurnished room?

A furnished room means that Kamerbemiddeling Tilburg will provide you a bed, a desk, a chair, a closet and a lamp. An unfurnished room, however, is completely empty. This might even mean that there are no curtains and there is no flooring.

There is a big difference in agreements between the two. An agreement for an unfurnished room is entered into an indeterminate period (after 12 months you can terminate the agreement monthly) and an agreement for a furnished room is entered for a determinate period (fixed end date, not possible to terminate before that date).

In some cases it is also possible to enter an agreement for a shorter period than 12 months. When this is possible you’ll find this in the ad of the particular room. For a short term agreement we charge a fee:

  • + EUR 25,00 per month for a 6 month agreement / one semester
  • + EUR 35,00 per month for a 3 month agreement / short stay

These surcharges are applicable for both furnished and unfurnished rooms

How to report maintenance defect?

Upon your arrival
Despite all precautions taken by Kamerbemiddeling Tilburg B.V. it could unexpectedly happen that there is a (small) defect in your accommodation upon your arrival. When you find any defects in the accommodation delivered to you, please notify Kamerbemiddeling Tilburg within 7 days of your arrival via e-mail: Your complaint will then be solved as soon possible. To expedite the process we ask you to send pictures along with your message.

General maintenance requests
If you experience any problems in your accommodation or when you have complaints regarding maintenance, you should always report this in writing. Kamerbemiddeling Tilburg has to discuss every complaint with the landlord first. After approval a company or carpenter will fix the problem. Please note that this always a third party and that we are depending on the schedule of the company involved.

How can I terminate my agreement?

End of the agreement – fixed period
Upon the end of your agreement, you will receive a message from Kamerbemiddeling Tilburg in which we will explain the procedure for check out as well as a deadline for extension. If you do not respond to the message before the deadline, you may consider the message as an official confirmation or termination. In such case your agreement will end on the date as mentioned in article 2 of your agreement. You have to vacate the accommodation before this date.

Terminating the agreement – Indeterminate period
When the minimum period as stated in article 2 of the agreement has elapsed, you are able to terminate the agreement monthly. A termination must always be done by filling in the form in your account and must be given before the first of the month, this is also the case when your agreement started at the 15th of the month. The legal notice of termination is one full month.

Early termination of agreement

  • Sometimes it happens that you need to terminate your agreement early, that is allowed under the following conditions
    Death or serious illness of tenant
  • Unforeseen withdrawal of VISA or residence permit
  • Unforeseen withdrawal of studies

In these cases the notice of termination is one full month and must be given before the 1st of the month. When none of the above is applicable for you, but you still want to terminate your agreement before the date that is mentioned in your agreement, you should find a new tenant to take over your room and sign a new agreement. Besides that, we will charge you a fine of EUR 115,00 for breaching the agreement. A request for early termination should always be done in writing to:

What should I do before I move out?

It is important to plan an inspection of the room before your departure. The inspection should take place on the last day that you are staying in your room. An employee of Kamerbemiddeling Tilburg will come to you room and checks for damage, whether you hand in all the keys and if all personal belongings have been removed from the accommodation. It is not allowed to dispose garbage and/or furniture in the garden or storage space.

Obviously when you rented an furnished room; all furniture should remain in the accommodation at all times.

In case you fail to plan an inspection, a substantial fine of EUR 150,00 will be charged.

How can I get my deposit back?

In order to refund the deposit that you have paid, we need some documents from you:

  • Confirmation of address change or deregistration (this can be done 30 days in advance of your departure via
  • Your account number where we can transfer the money to. This account may be a foreign account but should be able to accept transfers in euro’s. Please note that we cannot transfer to a savings- or credit card account.

The money will be refunded after +/-6 weeks. Any delay in payment or damages detected during the inspection will be deducted from the deposit. If the amount due exceeds the deposit, you will receive an additional invoice.