Different types of rooms
Kamerbemiddeling Tilburg offers all sorts of student rooms for every budget. Our accommodations are located in houses or apartments. The rooms are always private and for 1 person. Bathroom, kitchen, toilet and in some case garden and/or balcony are shared with other (International) students. Our agreements can start at the 1st or 15th of the month.

Unfurnished room

unfurnished rooms are delivered empty. In most cases curtains and flooring are included, but it can also happen that you have to arrange these items yourself. You rent an unfurnsihed room for an intermediate period with a minimum of 12 months. This means that you can stay in your room as long as you like. After the minimum period has elapsed you can terminate your agreement monthly. The period of notice is one full month must always be given before the 1st of the month. The rental fee includes an advanced service charge for water, gas and electricty, unless stated otherwise.

Furnished room

The most popular choice among International students. Furnished rooms are fully equipped with a bed, mattress, closet, desk and office chair. Costs for water, gas, electricity, inventory, internet and city taxes are included in the monthly rent. The agreement for a furnished room is for an determinate period for one semester (till 15-1-2021) or two semesters ( till 1-8-2021). You can find this information in the add. The agreement cannot be terminated before this date. Most furnished rooms are booked online with our reservation system. To save space in your suitcase we can provide a linen- and/or towel package at your request.